M.Sc Data Science & Spatial Analytics

SIG believes that the current trends of Artificial Intelligence techniques, including Machine learning and Deep learning aspects through MSc data science in India, are uniformly revamping a range of fields from finance and banking to healthcare and earth observations. So the institute provides some of the best data science and AI courses in India. Over the decades, the volume, variability, and variety of earth observing data have tremendously increased and have generated footprints in almost every terrain of society.

The flavours of technological advancement for availing high-resolution spatial data and high computational architectures have become the driving forces for the proliferation of Geo-intelligence and business intelligence.

The Deep learning capabilities like Neural Networks are very potent to capture the complex non-linear, inter correlated patterns in spatial data with near-human precision and accuracy. Hence learning about them through the best data science and AI courses in India is essential.

This is the art of applying data science for observing spatial data through the process of hypothesising, hypothesis testing, model building and discovering hidden patterns. SIG offers the one of the best M.Sc data science and AI course in India to students interested in the field.

The objective of M.Sc. (Data science & spatial analytics) is to create the data science professionals by drawing upon data engineering principles augmented by time and space, statistical modeling, mathematical practices and geo-visualization of data environment to solve the data intensive, large –scale, location- based business requirement of industry 4.0

2 year full time course (4 Semesters)

Semester I Semester II

Generic Core Courses

  • Mathematics for Spatial Sciences
  • Applied Statistics
  • Fundamentals of Data Science
  • Python Programming
  • Introduction to Geospatial Technology
  • Programming for Spatial Sciences 
  • Business Communication
  • Cyber Security
  • Integrated Disaster Management 

Generic Core Courses

  • Spatial Big Data and Storage Analytics
  • Data Mining and Algorithms
  • Machine learning
  • Advance Python Programming for Spatial Analytics 
  • Image Analytics
  • Spatial Data Base Management
  • Flexi-Credit Course
Semester III Semester IV

Generic Core Courses

  • Spatial Modeling
  • Summer Project
  • Web Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Flexi-Credit Course
  • Predictive Analytics and Development 

Generic Elective Courses Group

  • Deep learning
  • System Dynamics Simulation
  • IOT Spatial Analytics
  • Spatial User Interface design and Implementation

Generic Core Courses

  • Industry project

“Learning from data is virtually universally useful. Master it and you’ll be welcomed nearly everywhere”- John Elder, Elder Research

Location based service industry including:

  • Transportation (Uber,Ola)
  • Telecom
  • Retail
  • Utilities/ Manufacturing
  • Healthcare/ pharma E-commerce
  • Banking/ Insurance
  • Automotive

Programme Structure -M.Sc. DATA SCIENCE AND SPATIAL ANALYTICS 2024-2026

Programme Name: M.Sc(Data Science & Spatial Analytics)

PO1 :

To develop the human resource in the field of Data Science

PO2 :

To develop the human resource in the field of Spatial Analytics

PO3 :

To create an expert in the area of big data analytics

PO4 :

To enhance the ability of the candidate in data mining in spatial domain

PO5 :

To provide industry exposure in spatial data analytics domain

PO6 :

To develop critical thinking to design data management framework