Dr. T. P. Singh

director@sig.ac.in | 020 - 25672842

Dr. T.P. Singh has vast experience in the field of Geospatial Technology in India and abroad. He has started his career in Geospatial technology from the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, where he has worked on the projects of national importance. He has earned his PhD degree in the area of satellite Image Classification techniques from HNB Garhwal Central University, Srinagar and M.Phil in Geo Engineering from College of Engineering, Vishakhapatnam. Dr. Singh has received Master Degree in remote sensing from Pierre and Marie Curie University (UPMC), Paris University VI, France and M.Sc. from University of Lucknow in Environmental Science. He has received the European Professional Higher Post Graduate Diploma in Geoinformatics from GDTA (Institute under French Space Agency) in association with Paris University VI France, University of Lisbon, Portugal and Warsaw University of Technology Poland. Dr. Singh has worked on LiDAR technology at the University of Freiburg , Germany on Automatic feature extraction. Before, taking academic position at Symbiosis, he has served at different government centres. Dr Singh is the member of many professional bodies and Vice Chairman of Indian Society of Geomatics, Pune Chapter. He has Edited many books in the field of Geospatial Technology, Climate Change and Natural Resource Management and published several papers in the peer reviewed journals.