Career Potential

The geoinformatics field is in its nascent stage and expanding at a rapid pace as more and more industries are employing spatial data to manage their activities. Almost no developmental project is complete without geospatial information and it will soon become imperative. The only limit is the acute shortage of skilled professionals.Therefore, there is tremendous scope with accelerated growth and development prospects. The pervasive use in diverse disciplines ensures a wide variety of employment opportunities. The Government of India is taking numerous initiatives under Department of Space, Department of Science & Technology (Natural Resources Data Management System - NRDMS) and others. Government/Planning commission is also setting up an Indian National GIS Organisation (INGO). Likewise many others initiatives are in process."

The industry is rapidly adopting these technologies for efficient deliver of products or processes. Companies such as Reliance Industries, L&T, Suzlon are using geospatial technology for infrastructure project management. Many IT companies are handling overseas projects based on Geospatikal technologies, these include, Infosys, TCS, HCl, iGate etc. In addition to these industry giants several midsize companies such as ESRI Inc, Intergraph, Nokia, operates on specialized geospatial products. These companies offer variety of opportunities as GIS analyst, GIS managers , Business development executives, GIS software developers etc.

Geoinformatics sees applications across different sectors. As a result of this interlinked growth, the career opportunities in Geoinformatics are always positive. In fact, as we progress towards the idea of sustainable development, MSC colleges like SIG are all set to play a pivotal role in being able to provide a talent pool for the Geoinformatics domain. The Geoinformatics industry offers umpteen opportunities in every sector and discipline. US department of labour has declared, the Geospatial Industry has been declared as a high growth, high demand industry by the US Department of Labour. The picture would be rosy in India too. The need for Geoinformatics services is on the rise by 10-15% per annum. More than 150 companies are on constant look out for GIS professionals. However, the demand-supply gap is wide, due to the lack of awareness about Geoinformatics.