High-Level Meet: Minister Mary Ng with SIG Alumni Tanvi Garg


Honourable Minister Mary Ng, visit to India has been a landmark. In fact news reports about Hon’ Minister Ng’s visit to India has been cited as the first by a Canadian cabinet minister in over four years and has been quoted as a very successful event between the two nations.

It was heartening for Tanvi Garg (Director, Teknobuilt India) to be invited by Minister Ng’s office for an in-person meeting at His Excellency Cameron MacKay’s (High Commissioner of Canada) official residence. Minister Ng's had interest in progress of innovation and new age technology for construction projects by a Canadian company, truly making an impact. It was inspiring to see her keen interest in businesses being propelled further by women as leaders. The opportunity extended to Tanvi to contribute further and join her in the commitment to further the cause under the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada can help make a greater impact. The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service | Service des délégués commerciaux offices led by Annabelle Larouche and Trade Commissioner Paayel Kalra have continued to provide excellent support right from the start to Canadian companies such as Teknobuilt.

Minister Ng took interest to understand from Tanvi about #digitalconstruction technology, the nature of work, business, Indian environment, and Projects in India. Minister Ng understood more about construction projects in execution with real-time onsite monitoring. She was impressed how #Teknobuilt is augmenting Health, Safety and Environment (#HSE) in the operating power plant of NTPC Limited.

Tanvi also shared that, "as a woman we have to believe in one thing and that is to pursue work with sincerity and belief and let the universe yield the results". She aspires to make an impact through Teknobuilt and touch many lives. The world needs better infrastructure, clean energy and sustainable societies. Her mission aligns with the company’s mission to help the world build better safely, smartly and sustainably.

Tanvi also touched on Industry Revolution 4.0. She felt fortunate that in India there is proactiveness in the #digitalrevolution right from the PM's office. She is committed to harness the power of digital for the construction industry. At a personal level, as a young girl she dreamt to become a Scientist. It all starts with a dream, but when followed with sincerity, the universe aligns to open doors that we ourselves can never imagine. Universe conspires for those “desires” that are for universal good. In Sanskrit this thought to keep in our inner core is expressed as ‘Sarve Bhawantu Sukhinah, Sarve Santu Niramaya’ i.e. May all beings be happy, may all beings be healthy and peaceful.